No to Violence in Bolivia, yes to social transformation

We denounce the acts of violence in Bolivia that led to the deaths of four miners in alleged clashes and of two government officials cowardly murdered after being tortured.

After centuries of subjugation and struggle, for the first time in the history of this country a government of the most oppressed came to power.

The government led by Evo Morales has shown itself to have sensitivity in the face of demands from the diverse sectors of the country. He has tried to deepen the changes towards an increasingly democratic society.

At the same time there are new attempts at transformation that find resistances and contradictions within the governing party itself (MAS) which is not free from mistakes, hesitation, weaknesses and in need of deepening its ideas for transformations.

The old criminal Bolivian right-wing, allied to the imperial North, is working through the media it influences to undermine the government. They try to hide their murderous hand with the complicity of a large part of the regional and international press.

We call on the Bolivian government to not hesitate in advancing with resolution in the direction of empowering the people in civic, legal and economic matters.

The North American Empire is driving an ultra-right-wing wave in Latin America. In a multipolar scenario disputed with China and Russia the US is trying to safeguard this zone, fighting against progressive governments that came to power at the beginning of the new millennium.

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to spread proposals and actions in order to generate awareness of the essential evolution that formal democracy needs in order to become real democracy. This is the way out that for people in front of the brutal and sophisticated attempts at oppression by powerful antihumanist minorities.

World Coordination Team – International Humanist Party

September 2016