The Jalón Ángel Photograph Archive pays tribute to the 25th anniversary of the creation of the San Valero Dominican Foundation (FUNDOSVA) by including a special category: Education and cooperation in its 6th International Photography Award. This category has been added to the already veteran Travel and Portrait categories. Moreover, the admission deadline is extended to 17 mayl 2020. Participants can submit their entries online through the following link:

The 6th Jalón Ángel International Award, which opened for entries in January, once again boasts three categories: Portrait, Travel and Education and Cooperation. The new category was added to mark the 25th anniversary of the San Valero Dominican Foundation (FUNDOSVA), one of the centres of the San Valero educational group. The General Director of the centre, José René Frias stated proudly: “Education is the only way to encourage the real development of individuals and eradicate inequalities between classes in society”.

The San Valero Dominican Foundation was founded in 1995, in the Guarico neighbourhood of Santo Domingo, as a centre to prepare individuals for their insertion into the job market. It boasts three centres: Politécnico San Valero, Politécnico Aragón and the Ciudad Colonial Technology Centre. It offers technical secondary school courses, continuous training courses, advanced technical degrees, and primary and secondary education for adults. Fundosva not only focuses on training students professionally, they also try to instil personal values in them, “we teach our students how to do and how to be”, explains José René Frias. This cooperation project has become “a model of reference for the entire region and has been valued by the local business community as one of its main sources of recruitment for qualified technical personnel, thus contributing to the economic and social growth of our country” says the General Director. In fact, today it has produced more than 50,000 graduates.

To mark its 25th anniversary, a variety of activities are taking place, such as awarding 25 recognitions to Dominican institutions and individuals who have played an important role in the 25 years of the centre. The photograph exhibition of Jalón Ángel, founder of the San Valero school (origin of the San Valero Educational Group), which will be touring the country this year, was also inaugurated. More events are planned this year which will include the Jalón Ángel Archive with this new category. International cooperation plays a very important role in education, according to the CEO of Fundosva: “Thanks to the support of these cooperation projects, we have been able to keep our centres at the forefront of technological advances, we have been able to mitigate the tribulations derived from the shortcomings of the marginal communities in which we work and at the same time we have been able to maintain a sustained social profit over 25 years ”. This foundation is one of the most important development cooperation projects promoted from Aragon.

The prize consists of €1,000, an emblematic statuette and a diploma for the winner of each category. In addition, the jury, formed by professionals in the field of photography of recognised national and international prestige, may grant special mentions for each category.

The award winners will be announced on 29 May, 2020 through the Jalón Ángel Archive website ( and their social networks (Facebook: Archivo Jalón Ángel and Twitter: @jalon_angel and Instagram archivo_jalon_angel). The file will only contact the winners directly.

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