November the 8th, Luis Arce was declared the new President of Bolivia.

During the inauguration ceremony, after being sworn in before the multinational Legislative Assembly, the incoming President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia stated as follows: “On this November 8th, 2020, we are beginning a new stage of our history and we mean to do it with a government for all, with no discrimination whatsoever. Our government will try to rebuild our country in unity to live in peace”.

Arce also recalled the words of the revolutionary leader Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz: “ It’s not hatred that guides our actions, but the passion for justice”.

Arce remarked that democracy “is a fundamental value for the people” through which people express their will. “Democracy is not only about the vote to elect authorities at all levels, but is also about open and fair elections, it is the participation of all, without excluding anyone,” he added.

He also denounced the fact that the political requirements to qualify as a democratic system “have been mutilated in a year of de facto government” and that it will be the primary task of his government to fully restore democracy.

Translation by Roberta Mereu, from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!