by Erlie A. Lopez

Morn Re-born

No screech

no gnash

no scuffles

of the daily rush,



and rustles

on the summer breeze.

I breathe deep

and dreamily hum

a nymph’s song

from a Keatsian time,

eyes still closed

yet seeing a meadow

where flowers dance.

In a while, and for moments,

a sigh, an ache,

the heart pinched

by the wail, even waste,

of a stretch of years

in the city’s race

to live.

I look out,

around, then up

the sky awash in celestial blue

the sun aglow in tender smile

certainly, glory enfolding the space

then, so faraway

and beyond.

A new morning it is,

a morn re-born

that the virus we curse

also brings.


About the Poet

Erlie Lopez is a Filipina retired from the frenetic world of Public Relations and Advertising in Metro Manila. She was, in the last 18 years, head of a PR agency she co-founded. In her independent and sedate world now, she mostly reads, writes, stays socially connected, soaks in Nature, and develops new interests and skills adapting to the pandemic mode of life. She has also returned to a first love – poetry – which keeps her heart open to the grace and rhythm of the universe.